Thursday, April 29, 2010

tuesday was a sad day.

This past Tuesday I gave away my one and only Pancakes (my bunny rabbit). I'm moving out in a few days and just really couldn't take care of him anymore. you wouldn't think so but my little bunny rabbit was a bit of an expense. So i gave him to a (hopefully) good family that has some bunnies as well as other animals too. Don't worry, i really made sure they know how to take care of bunnies, i specifically asked them if he would be inside but still get to be outside to exercise, if they would feed him fresh fruit and veggies, all that sort of thing, they probably thought i was a nut.
I'm really sad to have him gone, and definitely had my cry, actually i sobbed twice! but i think he's safe and hopefully happy and has made some new bunny friends.

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  1. um, you're moving out? We'll have to chat tonight, that's so exciting.