Tuesday, October 20, 2009



i have decided i am DONE with being sick. it's been about a month now and as i have mentioned earlier i am SO done being the sick person in class always sniffing their nose; and coughing up phlegm is probably the grossest thing ever, especially when i'm someplace that i can't get rid of it (for example if i cough some up in class what am i going to do? i don't want to swallow it (that was probably tmi for you)). it's just getting to be too much and too gross. So, after talking to coworkers yesterday and thinking about how to overcome this today i bought some mucinex (took my first dose about an hour ago(and p.s. it's pretty expensive)), i'm drinking some grapefruit juice (citrus is good for colds, so is vitamin c which is in the juice) and at home i have a daily vitamin with even more vitamin c waiting for me. also, i heard that grape seed extract is really cleansing, so maybe tomo i'll pick some up at whole foods.

i have also decided that i need a planner. i'm so disorganized and every day is so unplanned. probably the only set thing i have every day is school (and even then sometimes that doesn't work out) and work. But every time i try to use a planner it doesn't work. I don't like having a certain allotment of paper for each day, sometimes i need to write a lot and sometimes i just need some paper to write down a song i need to get or a website i need to go to and i don't like doing that on a dated space. lately before bed i've been writing down a guideline for the next day and putting it on my chalkboard. but that still is not as effective as i'd like. so to fix my problem i bought a small moleskin today. it's red, with a bookmarker and even has a little pocket in the back. Already i'm excited about it and my first page is completely filled up. and to help myself stay on top of things and to stay organized within the organizer i have color coded my entries with my special triplus fineliner pens that boyf. bought me last week.
Black-the days plans as well as any miscellaneous notes
Blue-spanish homework
Green- atmosphere homework
Red-check off completed activities.

i know this is all sort of ridiculous but if you knew how unplanned my life was you'd realize how necessary it is. i'm excited to get organized AND to ditch this cold!


  1. Wow, great minds think alike. I've had that planner for about 3 weeks now. I'm liking it. Plus can't go wrong with red!

  2. my moleskin should probably be a third arm. good choice!