Friday, October 30, 2009

twice as long!

yesterday i finally got a pedometer. it's nothing fancy but at least now i know how far i'm running. today was the first time i used it and found out that my normal morning run is a bit over 1 mile (you have to set up your stride lengths in the pedometer and i think mine is off, so in actuality i think i'm running farther than what's showing on the pedometer but at least i have a vague idea). also, since i don't have school on fridays i had enough time to go farther and so today i did twice my normal run! (yes that's over 2 miles) and that's the farthest i've gone in a couple months actually. but it felt good and i'm completely exhausted now.

plus, i think i need some warm running clothes. i had to sit on the heater in the kitchen for about a half hour just to warm my legs up and i still have a cold-leg sensation.

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