Wednesday, March 16, 2011

end of the week, beginning of spring break!!!

Tomorrow I have a mid-term and I've been working on it all week, preparing test notes (I love it when teachers do this!) and reviewing past lectures, mostly ones that I decided were okay to skip because sleeping seemed more important at the time. I just finished my test notes and really I can't even think about it anymore, I might kill myself.
After tomorrow's test and my one class on friday I will begin spring break! woo! On Sunday a bunch of friends and I are renting a beach house in California and I truly can not wait! This trip has been getting me through the past few weeks. Every time I think about school, I say to myself that I just have to get through this and then I can be on the warm, sunny beach, or disneyland the happiest place on earth (we'll be about 30 minutes away so we kind of have to go don't we? esp since boyf's never been!). If you weren't already jealous enough just know that it'll be in the upper 60s all next week for me and I'll be wearing skirts and sundresses while it is in the lower 50s in salt lake and probably rainy.

Just had to share with you how excited I am. It's always fun to go on vacation and spend time away from work, school and the daily routine! After spring break it'll be about a month and a half before school's out for the summer, so that will be the only thing keeping me going. boo school. boooooo.....

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