Tuesday, March 15, 2011

makeup purchases

My samples are dwindling and it was time to make a decision regarding all things: lotion, face wash, foundation. I decided to purchase both my lotion and face wash from Estee Lauder. The lotion was a tough choice between Etee's Hydrationist and L'occitane's Shea Face Cream. In the end I felt like the Hydrationist was a very luxurious lotion (much like l'occitane's) but that it was also more sensitive for my face. I love L'occitane's products (esp. their hand lotion) but the shea face cream kind of felt like a really nice, thick hand lotion and that it was just too much for my face. So that was the final decision. I also purchased the Estee lauder Perfectly Clean Light Lotion Cleanser. It's really gentle and takes away makeup fabulously. I have to say that I have a really hard time with my mascara bleeding after a full day and previously I would just wet my finger and try to rub it away; but I've realized this is being too harsh on the delicate skin around my eyes. The lotion cleanser is perfect, you lightly swipe some on and it gently wipes it away. I really do like it. I'll probably still use my neutrogena face wash every few days(which I still do like, I use the cream cleanser fyi), especially after work outs.
As far as foundation goes I am sticking with my Bare Escentuals (or however weird way they spell it) powder. I really like it, so easy to use and it really does freshen up my face. I did however, watch a youtube video from Pixi2woo's channel (she's a makeup artist) and the video of her creating a spring look shows her putting on some liquid foundation that looks amazing on her. Maybe I'll have to revisit that video and try it out next time I go for samples.
I also purchased a few more items, a few eyeshadows from Mac (I'm pretty sure I'll really like them, no need to test), and then some eyeshadow primer from Nars (it's supposedly awesome, and I've already told you I have issues with mascara bleeding and also with eyeshadow creases).

Currently I am on the look out for a good blush. I have the bronzer-powder-stuff from bare escentuals and I do like it, but I kind of think I want something with a little more color to it, and not just brown. I'm looking for a light pink cause my skin is very fair and has pink undertones. I've heard that Nars Multiple stick is fabulous but I can't tell from the colors online which color would be best for me. So that might have to wait till my next shopping trip.

This saturday I am going to the Gap in search of jeans. My current pair have a lovely hole right in the crotch (not so lovely) and I've asked around and everyone seems to think they have good jeans, plus I have 30% off. I'll let you know how that goes.

Today I got a hair cut (FINALLY!!!) and decided to cut some bangs. I've been pretty bored with my hair lately and have been just doing buns, and I've even gone a few too many days without washing it and I just didn't care (I know, gross. It wasn't really that bad, but I could tell it should have been washed). They are really cute, I think, I hope they are and that I don't think they're cute just because they're different. It's been about 6 yearsish since I've had bangs and so we'll see how it goes. So far I love 'em. I haven't told the boyf. yet about the cut, hopefully he doesn't read this before seeing me tonight. And hopefully he likes 'em too. Although, I have a feeling as long as my hair is more than 3 inches long he'll be happy.

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