Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guys: What NOT to wear

Hopefully you can see the guy with the UBER long shirt on in the background.

As he walked past me many thoughts ran through my mind some of them being: why on EARTH would you think this is okay to wear out? or ever? Could you possibly be borrowing your girlfriends pajama shirt? (where can I get a pajama shirt like that?) Oh, wait, if you wear that in public you probably don't have a girlfriend, unless she looks and dresses exactly like you, poor girl. My next thought was, where did you get a shirt that size? It's weird because (if you can't tell) it's just long, and yes it is a bit long in the sleeve area but it's mostly just a long shirt. Does he shop at a specific store for men that are, like, 8 feet tall? My last thought as he was almost too far away to take the picture, was that I should take the picture!
I can't think of any men that I know who dress like this, but the real lesson here is to wear clothes that fit you appropriately. I can't tell you how much I dislike pants and shorts, especially, that are too big on a guy. Why is it okay for them to dress so sloppily and then hold women up to a standard to look nice? Seriously though, I really do HATE too long shorts on guys. The appropriate length is just above the knee, unless you have amazing quads, then I will allow you to wear hot pants.


  1. Love this post! It needs to be said, more than once!!

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