Tuesday, March 29, 2011

recent, and FINAL makeup/skin care purchases, at least for a while

Before I left on spring break I ordered a whole slue of products! Really, like, a lot.

I told you all how I thought I needed something to cover up my minor dark spots under my eyes so I was perusing some products and settled on the MAC Studio Tech. It's a creamy foundation, and while it's a foundation and not a concealer it's pretty much the same thing. I would never use it as a foundation because it seems like it would be too heavy, and I like to feel like I'm barely wearing anything, so I use a concealer brush to pat some on under my eyes and my chin and around my nose before my bare escentuals go on. The cool thing about the MAC site is that you can go through this tutorial about finding what foundation/concealer products work best for you, even blush (if I remember correctly) and that's how I found the Studio Tech and my shade. They have so many foundation type products I couldn't have chosen without this tool, I don't think. So far I love it. I also chose some blush from them. It's a pressed powder one, called Well Dressed. It's a very light pink. When I saw the color in the compact I was a little nervous about how it would go on, but it gives me a very subtle pink hue that I really like. I also ordered two eye shadows from MAC. I chose Mulch and Reubenesque (it's actually a paint pot). It helps give me a really nice brown smokey eye. Since my make up regime is very minimal this works well because I don't end up with a really exaggerated smokey eye that comes with using black shadows. So basically you put the Reubenesque on first with your finger, just smudge it on your eyelid, and then use a brush to press on the Mulch all over your lid, up until your eye socket line (when you open your eyes it's that crease in your eyelid, if that helps) and then with a clean brush or finger or whatever you just blend that edge, then add some liner and mascara and voile! brown smokey eye! While I was in Cali I visited the Nordy's at Fashion Island and picked up a pro longwear from the MAC counter. I can't remember what it's called at the moment (it's at home and I'm blogging on the comp. at school). However, it's a very bright, dark pink. It's perfect for me because I can't wear red lipstick at all, just doesn't work, but I'd like to have that sort of "red lipstick" look, you know? Well this is dark enough of a pink and bright enough that it totally does the job, and lasts! It really lasts.

Then, from Sephora I ordered the NARS eyeshadow primer (I already told you about this I think) and boy is it amazing, works perfectly. Even with a few layers of shadow on after about 6 hours I still had it on just as I applied it. I also use some on my under eye because I have problems with mascara running there. I also refilled on my Bare Escentuals foundation.

Now, I have to stop purchasing makeup, I could literally spend EVERY cent on make up. Not that I'd be proud of it, but I could. I really could.  

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