Friday, October 22, 2010

fuzzy old lady hair

Why do all old ladies have that awful helmet of fuzzy, poorly dyed hair? (I know that not all do, but i truly can not think of a single "old" lady i know that doesn't have it. and by old i mean, 70+). Actually, that's not true, I have noticed some older women that don't have fuzzy hair but it's only because they have it really, and i mean really short. Maybe I'm just being horribly stereotypical right now but it's just weird. Why does it happen? Is there some weird biological thing that makes hair change when you reach a certain age? Even the old ladies that have long hair have weirdly fuzzy hair. I really hope that this is not something that every woman has to face in life. I guess it boils down to "chop it off or be fuzzy!"

this is an example of what i mean. unfortunately her hair is a brilliant white and therefore you can not truly grasp the fuzzy-ness of it but i know that you do all have a picture in your head of what i'm talking about!

maybe i'll just buzz my head and wear fabulous hats and brightly colored wigs a la katy perry all the time.


  1. not only will mine be fuzzy, it will be a beautiful light shade of purple.

    By the way, I love that you always comment on my blog. It makes me very happy!

  2. Well first of all, hair texture changes at least 7 times in life with hormones... so that will be fun to look forward to! Mine already has 3 times now :)
    And second. I think they can't see very well, and therefore don't know how funny it looks. If they could see it, care about it, and had the dexterity and know how to get proper hair products, I think we'd see an improvement.
    But I wont be changing mine when I'm older... for the same reason I wont watch my weight or wear clothes that I can't sleep in. When you're you can do those things. It's beautiful!