Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update No.2: Anniversary (which should have actually been No.1)


This should have been No.1 because (if you are going chronologically) it happened before my move to the downtown library.

May 14th, 2011 marked the second year since Jason and I began dating. The past two years have been my best, and if you asked me if I had to repeat a year of my life it would be the first year of our togetherness (cause I can't choose both). I had never been in a long term relationship before Jason (longest was prob. 2 months) and I really got lucky with this one. Ever since I hung out with Jason for the first time with friends I knew he was the cutest, most handsomest guy I'd ever come across and it's still true today.

Things I love about Jason:
-When he wears glasses (any kind will do)
-The little spot in his cheek that I wish I could just squeeze constantly
-When he is trying to explain something and he starts talking too fast
-When he sings, especially to me
-When we dance together (even though I'm terrible at following)
-When we snugs
-When we snugs and my feet are ice cold but he lets me put them against his to warm them up anyway
-That he will eat just about anything (I never have to worry about messing up a recipe)
-His hands, and how they are manly, but not grossly dry or calloused
-That he wears all the clothes I buy him, even the pink shirt
-How smart he is, he can fix and do anything, I kid you not. It's kind of like, how, when you were little and you thought your dad could do and fix anything, well that's Jason but he isn't my Dad.
-He indulges me in my crazy obsession with all things animals.
-He always has time to see me everyday no matter what. I think that, in the time we've been togeth, we've gone about 3 days without seeing each other (and that's not 3 days consecutively). Tied into seeing me everyday, ever since I've moved out he's been my constant chauffeur, he drives me everywhere, picks me up from anything and carries my groceries.

Those random things and lots more are reasons why Jason is the best. And those were just the few I thought of off the top of my head.

For our anniversary this year I got Jason Italian Job on blu-ray, it's one of his favs. And Jason took us to Cafe Niche for dinner. It was one of the best meals I've ever had. Here are some pics marking the occasion:
My dinner: Scallops with a blood orange sauce and forbidden rice (black rice). It was pretty tasty.

Jason and his dinner: Hanger Steak, potatoes and pesto-y sauce. We decided that his was the best but they were both yummy. For dessert we had grapefruit brulee and we were more than halfway done with it by the time I realized we hadn't taken a picture. But, it's not typical brulee, it is grapefruit pieces with a honey-type of sauce drizzled on top, all in a hard candy-like shell of a bowl (so, yes you could eat the bowl). 

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