Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update No. 3 Exercising and stuff

My friends and I have decided to run a half marathon. I know I said never again, but here I am, training for one. As part of this training and because I now have fridays off thanks to a reg. schedule at my new location (library) and because my other friend has fridays off too (fridays are my best days, pretty much) we have decided that fridays are hiking days. And, while we've only done it once (because of birthday palooza and other obstacles) we plan on making it a regular thing. I think. Anyway, we went on a lovely hike, at least it started out lovely until we ran into a very scary mask hanging in a tree.
here we are happy to be on our hike.
Here we are scared out of our minds because of the scary mask in the tree.

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