Sunday, June 19, 2011

updating, one by one (update No. 1: New Workplace and Tiny People)

I started writing out a ginormous post to bring things up to date but I realized that I would never have enough time to complete the post. Instead I have decided to just do post updates when I can (also, I will try to include pictures as often as possible, because I know how boring it can be without them).

Update No. 1: New Workplace and Tiny People

I have recently (May 17, 2011) began working in the Children's department at the Main Library downtown. It was just a lateral transfer so I am still a Library Assistant. However, it is much different than being an assistant at a branch. Basically the work that a Librarian (or associate) does at a branch is the exact same work that I do downtown, except I get paid much less. Yipee! While this might sound like a kick in the pants (and in some ways it is) I am having so much more fun down there. I get to work on collection development, and programs and I get lots of reference experience plus the kids can be pretty darn cute. Of course there is the whole aspect of being downtown in transient central, but being in the Children's is a bit removed from all of that (except for the bathrooms right outside of Children's) so it's not so bad. I will say there is this smell in the Children's back work room that I love, every time I walk it, it's like a flood of memories coming back to me (which is weird because I don't have many memories of being down there, yet).

p.s. one reason why I have not been up to date is because I am so much more busy at work downtown than when I was up at Sweet and had plenty of time to keep my blog updated. Hopefully I can keep things going.

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