Monday, December 21, 2009


isn't christmas the best? it totally is. i think my favorite thing about it is getting a gift for someone you love. i love the rush i get when i find the perfect gift for someone, i just can't wait for them to have it! this year i'm especially excited for giving presents to boyf. it's the first year i've had a boyf over christmas and i got him some good stuff. i'm a somewhat worried that i went a little overboard, but once i started getting him gifts i kind of couldn't stop. i mean, i didn't blow my savings or anything, but definitely some gifts that i thought could wait for later gift-giving times couldn't wait, and now they are wrapped and waiting for him in my room. also, wrapping presents is kind of fun.
this is boyf about to say something embarrassing and i'm trying to stop him, probably. or, it's him about to pretend to bite me, and i'm stopping him.

this is us at a friends wedding.

i don't have many pics of me and boyf together, which is kind of sad, i would love to have some really great pics to the two of us. anyway, he's definitely deserving of some good gifts this christmas and i can't wait to give them to him. i adore you, boyf.

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