Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mustache Crayons Complete Disguise

Just doing a little searching on etsy and came across these gems. i truly wish i could spring for these. i would adore them. and if anyone is looking for a last minute cheap gift for moi, i would love you instantly. find them here
(i'm going to post pics and the tagline that comes along with them.)

Dear Secret Agent,

This is the most recent disguise we've created in our recycling lab; the Mustchievous Coloring Device Complete Disguise Pack of 12. This set of crayons, made of recycled non-toxic crayons, is as handy for coloring a bright landscape as it is used as a disguise in the field. Have you ever found yourself coloring when all of a sudden you fear you might be made? Simply hold any of the crayons under your nose and you will automatically blend into your surroundings.

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