Wednesday, January 28, 2009

twenty five

only 25 things about myself?? i can do that.

1)I love love love choco. covered cinnamon bears.
2)I also love junior mints. (i like my treats).
3)I love to shop. I visit jcrew at least once a day.
4)I'm a music snob. If i don't know you well, i'll try to be nice and hold it in, but it's hard.
5)I am obsessed with my niece and nephew. their laughs are probably the greatest things in the world.
6)I am wayy too obsessed with animals. mostly those of the baby-sort. i want, need a bunny. also another dog, one that will snuggle me.
7)I work at a library and absolutely love it, and yes i like to read for all of you who were just about to ask.
8)Arrested Development/Black Books/30 Rock are probably my most fav tv shows ever.
9)you'd think i would like Psyche, but i don't. i loathe it.
10)sushi is my fav. tokai is my fav sushi place.
11)although i don't wear it a ton, i love makeup. love bare essentuals(they spell it weird, so don't know if that's right) and mac.
12)I love to travel, although i've been few places i adore it. i miss NYC. miss miss miss.
13)I love and hate school. mostly hate.
14)I can't wait to move out.
15)I don't day dream(but when i do, it's about moving out. or having a bunny or dog).
16)I can't wait to have kids, someday.
17)I love shoes, someday i'll own some jimmy choos or manolos. someday.
18)five of my friends have birthdays the same month as i do, spooky i know.
19)I love facial hair (on guys).
20)I also love glasses on guys. do you have facial hair and glasses? then you're probably hot
21)absolutely need cable. and tivo.
22)love teasing my nephew, but he's wising up.
23)am pretty sure that if jack black and i met, we'd fall in love. yeah, you know it's true.
24)addicted to diet coke. totally addicted.
25)wish i spoke another language. yeah, i've taken a bit of spanish, but it doesn't really count.

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