Friday, July 9, 2010


Today i decided to use the "next blog" button at the top of the blogger site. my first observation: there are a LOT of bollywood/indian movie blogs out there. really, i was shocked to find that in an hour of blog surfing probably 75% of the blogs that popped up were themed this way. my other observation is that i'm more prone to seriously browse a blog if it's design is more simple. a lot of blogs had a really intense design, with black backgrounds and gray or lightly colored text which i could hardly read. as soon as i saw one of these blogs i immediately hit "next blog" again.

all in all it was an interesting hour spent blog surfing. i was surprised by what i found, and have discovered two new sites that i will be checking: (designer consignment online. still fairly expensive but i saw a few affordable items), and it was one of the better bollywood/indian movie blogs. it seemed to be mostly a blog about old bollywood actors/actresses. i found it to be interesting. i think that bollywood movies are great, they have great moments where the characters burst into song and i also find that the whole bollywood industry is very interesting.

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