Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

So Thurs was Thanksgiving which is probably one of the greatest holidays of the year. I love the food, time with family, not having to work all that good stuff.

This year, right after leaving my parents house Jason and I hustled down to Target to wait in line for some crazy deals. I've never participated in the whole black friday insanity (except for working on black friday, being an employee) and it was definitely something I will never forget. I wish my phone hadn't died because I would have taken pictures of us all bundled up and freezing our toes off! It was so cold that night, and I definitely learned a lesson in preparedness; if we go again next year we will be bringing a tent, heater, extra hot chocolate as many blankets that we can fit in the tent and a lappy to watch a movie on.

Needless to say, since we arrived at 11 pm (store opened at 4 am) we were pretty close to the front of the line and we were able to get all that we came for! yay! This year Target had a 40" tv for under $300! crazy! I thought that people would be slightly civilized but the people behind us in line were ridiculous. They were pushing people's carts out of the way trying to get ahead (mind you the people behind us were only maybe 12 in line, maybe? like i said, we were pretty close to the front). Oh well.
So, we picked up two of the tvs, an awesome fuzzy, really fuzzy, soft blanket (king size for $20! I almost didn't get it, but I don't have a blanket that's larger than a twin size, and now when jason and I snuggle watching a movie we can both fit under the blanket!) I also picked up some computer speakers for 12! it was pretty sweet.

What was not so sweet? going to bed at 5:15 am, waking up 3 hours later for a 10 hour work day, and then staying up the next night (last night, friday) till 1:30ish, and waking up early for another long work day. So basically I'm exhausted and could fall asleep any minute, truly.

I'll be posting pics of the blankie later. I so love it!

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