Saturday, November 20, 2010


I just heard some awful news. Fringe is being moved to Friday nights!! And you of course all know why this is awful, I mean can it last on Friday nights?

This is so sad to me because I'm just barely really getting into the show and I hate it when a series I love is over, whether it be tv shows, movies or books. After it's over and I've reached the end I definitely feel a small hole that it has left in my heart/life.

I really do love the show though, and all the characters, even Joshua Jackson! (which, if you didn't know, was on the awful dawsons creek, and was such a lame-a, but now he's cool - good turn around J.J.). I love Walter, he's so funny, and truly lovable. Seriously, whenever he is sad I could cry right then and there. Then I love Olivia because she's smart, and I think she's so beautiful. If I had to be a blonde I would want to be her. Also, the plot lines are so fascinating, and I always catch myself thinking about the show at some random time. It's got that X-files-y feel to it, but I kind of like it better. My problem with X-files was that it seemed like a lot of times Mulder(sp?) and Scully were chasing after something that, when they finally got the answer, couldn't be proved to anyone but themselves or something. Like, there wasn't a good resolution to the issue of the episode, and it just added to the big question(s). Whereas with Fringe there are some resolutions, they do save people, and all of that, while still adding and building up to something bigger. I just like it, and I hope that Friday doesn't kill it!

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  1. I watched the first few episodes and thought it was like an edgier X files. I like it but Fridays are the Kiss of Death - I used to like Numbers but that ended after 2 seasons on Friday