Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time for Hot C

Well, it's definitely time to be breaking out the Hot C every night (especially when you're radiators aren't on when you'd like them to be). It has been hot c weather for quite some time now but I'm just now starting to realize how much I want some every night and day. I'm also constantly craving steamed eggnog. They have it at starbucks, but it's just milk and eggnog so why not just make it at home instead of spending $3 every time I want some? I tried to make it the other day stove top and while it warmed it up nicely it wasn't all frothy like when you get it from starbucks.

The conclusion I've come to is that I desperately need a cocoa latte machine, or a cocomotion. I found this (Back to Basics® Cocoa Latte™ Hot Drink Maker - Brushed Chrome)
at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I thought about just telling my mom that I wanted it for christmas, or hoping that boyf would pick up on hints but i'm considering just getting one myself. I'm not sure that I want to wait till christmas. And although I can't really afford to be buying things for myself that aren't groceries maybe I can justify it somehow.

1 comment:

  1. I like my eggnog just as much as the next person but you're gonna buy a steamer for it? I don't really believe this will be a lifelong habit.