Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween is coming!!

So Halloween is fast approaching and I've decided I'm going to be something different than tinkerbell. So I've been searching online hoping to find something that sparks my eye. Plus, I have to keep in mind an outfit for Jason because I like it when we can dress as a couple. yes, I am that cheesy girlfriend.

I am super picky though. I refuse to be something ugly or gross. I don't know, I just have this thing where I have to be as cute as I can all the time, which includes halloween. I know it's silly because I'll only be around friends and blah blah blah, but that's just some complex thing that I have. We all have issues, this is one of mine.

Anyway, back to Halloween...I've been liking the idea of dressing up as flappers. It'd be easy for him, just a suit, flashy tie and maybe a fedora-type hat if we could find a cheap one. I'd just have to find a dress for me. Target has a few to choose from that aren't too bad. Then I was thinking we could do 50s and that might be fun. It'd be easy for him, some jeans rolled up a bit, white tee tucked in, a pack of cards rolled up in his sleeve, you know to look like a pack of cigs. anyway. those are my thoughts for now. I'll prob head over to Joanns tomo to see if I can get a pattern for a flapper dress or poodle skirt for cheaper than target. Mom is amazing with a sewing machine and I'm pretty sure she'd help me out there.

Opinions? what are you dressing up as for Halloween??


  1. Too bad my three-legged, feral, hairless cat costume will steal the show. ;)