Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the one "bad" thing about....

...not being at the parents house is that i no longer have a computer. And it's not all that bad but i can't add music to my iphone and it's sort of driving me crazy. I did have a lappy once upon a time but for some reason i had this great idea to sell it and have yet to get a new one. i have such little music on my iphone and probably everyday i listen to music on youtube either at work or on my iphone (which is nice, except i can't do other things on it at the same time). mostly right now i'm wishing i had all the glee songs. some might say, why not just listen to cds in the mean time, well to answer your question i do not have a cd player. i have a dvd player that is hooked up to the tv but it's not in my room and it's really crappy and can barely even read copied or mixed cds.

right now the music aspect of my life just sucks. and i really don't like that, music is so fun for me and i love finding new bands and outdoing everyone with my music knowledge, it's probably one of the only things that i am truly good at, as far as something that's not "important" (although i scoff at that notion) and i'm afraid that i'm going to lose that. so right now i'm grieving the loss of my lappy, or my parents computer.

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