Tuesday, June 29, 2010

birthday fun!

So here it is finally, the birthday update. We'll start off in chronological order, which means me first!
i already told you how much fun my birthday was, and of course i didn't take many photos but i did take a few of the awesome dinner we made.
here is the most amazing pizza i think i've ever had and have made a second time already and plan to make it at least an every other week occurrence, it's sooooo simple, really i don't "cook" but i can do this! and not expensive either!
before the pizza we had some delicious crab but i neglected to take a photo of that. and then for dessert we dipped some strawberries in white chocolate and citrus sugar made from orange and lemon peel. i was a little skeptical of how much i would like the strawberries because white chocolate really isn't my fav but they were so good.
For Jason's bday the breakfast food was so great! we went to ruths diner up emigration for breakfast and I had the most delicious cinnamon rolls dipped in vanilla something with maple syrup, pecans, and lemon cream cheese. it was pretty much a dessert.
Jason chose a pork pulled omlette and i'm honestly not sure which was better, his or mine. i have a really hard time when it comes to deciding breakfast food. do i choose something sweet or something hearty? but it's good when you have someone willing to share, then you can have both!
Lunch and dinner were kind of sad, We packed a lunch to take to Red Butte Garden (which wasn't the sad part plus U students get in free!!) and that was fun to see baby ducks in the pond and very pretty flowers as well as an exceptionally brave, very cute squirrel. it was probably the best salsa (thanks Adair) i've ever had or made (although it's really the only salsa i've ever made). and so simple too! Here's a pic of the potato salad i tried to make that didn't turn out too well. the flavors were good but i didn't cook the potatoes long enough so they were almost raw. yum!
Here's a pic of jason eating the oh so yummy salsa!
I didn't take any pics of dinner but it wasn't the greatest either. I was going to take jason to maddox in Brigham City where i've heard they have great meat selections (jason is definitely a carnivore and i like to indulge as well, plus they raise their own meat) but had heard they had a drive thru version in layton and so i though since that would be a lot closer we'd go there. that was probably a mistake, cause it wasn't any better than kfc. Oh well, it's always fun to try new places i suppose. 

All in all i had a great day spending time with the boyf but i have to apologize to him again that the meals (excepting breakfast) weren't so great. although he tells me he didn't care.

To boyf: I'm so glad we got to celebrate another round of birthdays! hopefully there will be many more to come! You're the best and thanks for always taking care of me!

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