Monday, June 7, 2010

in real life...

I saw one of the larger longchamp totes in real life, and they are really big. i still like the big one, but i'm wondering if it's too big. a friend from work has the smaller one and she's able to fit a lot in it so maybe the smaller one would be the smarter choice.

Also, i finally fit into the toothpick style of pant at the crew. it's the real skinny legged one, and i mean, it's not amazing on, but it's better than before. it seems like every few weeks i try them on hoping that will be the time they look great on. finally they aren't so bad on, plus they are 60% off, so i ordered them. after this, i'm done shopping. i don't need anything else this summer, so i really shouldn't buy anything. plus i'm poor as a mouse (know what that's from?). a friend from the crew is doing 30 days of no shopping, and it's going on day 17 i think, so if she can do it so can i.

and for one last update, i'm moving, again. yeah, our current place is okay, but the landlord is changing things on us so we just want to leave asap. so this week we are moving into our new place on L street. i'm pretty excited because my room will actually be decent, plus we each get our own bathrooms, and our own washer and dryer, and a shared backyard patio and fire pit. it's pretty sweet.


  1. firepit? SWEET. I want a tour asap

  2. "I'm richer than Midas." Hey, wasn't there some debate once about whether it was I'm pourin' the milk?