Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekly Tidbits

This past week all I have been thinking about is buying new things for my apartment. Ever since I saw this bedroom makeover (from my newfound favorite blog) it is really always on my mind and I wish I could just transport everything from their room to mine.
My cute orange geometric designed shower curtain from Target is failing me. The orange colored pieces are flaking off and sticking to the side of my tub (it looks kind of weird and gross) so it needs to go. I am thinking that this blue coral curtain will go well with my orange towels and bath mat.
And, I want these for my sink in the bathroom. I'm a sucker for monogrammed things and these are so cute (would definitely match my blue and orange bath theme).
My blankets consist of a leopard print snuggie, a baby themed crocodile small quilt I made at the age of 12, an awesome big purple and blue quilt my sister made me a few years back, and this (so soft) red king size blanket from Target that sheds more than any dog in this world. So, with the exception of the quilt my sister made my blankets are a little sad. I am seriously thinking about getting one of these. They aren't too spensy and yes I do know that it will be summer soon, but maybe it could be my bed blanket in the summer?
I'm basically dying over this side table. I want it next to my bed with a cute lamp on it and maybe a book or two.

This kids duvet is awesome. I actually kind of wish I could just buy a print of this and frame it (it would go nicely with my stuffed bunnies)

and before you ask or say anything or make fun of me, yes, I do love West Elm. 

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