Thursday, April 19, 2012

Breakfast Week 2

Last week's breakfast went pretty well, there were two days that I didn't eat oatmeal but I still had breakfast those days (toast and peanut butter).

For this week's breakfast I chose two different meals, a "green eggs and ham omelet" and some frozen wheat waffles. The omelet consists of 2 eggs, spinach, canadian bacon and a sprinkle of low-fat mozz. 

The omelet is delicious and while it's only at 220 calories (not counting the glass of juice or milk I drink with it) I still feel full for about 4 hours after. However, I will completely admit that I haven't tried a waffle yet....and today I only had some chai tea for breakfast (oops). But, so far I'm really optimistic about this breakfast plan. Tomorrow I'm having another green eggs and ham omelet and I'll be sure to photograph it for you! 

I checked out "The New Abs Diet Cookbook" from the library and am choosing one or two breakfast options from it a week. So far it's one of the best "healthy" cookbooks I've read. I may end up ordering it from amazon.

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  1. I can dig it. I haven't had chai for a long time... I hope it was a chai latte... mmmm.....