Monday, April 2, 2012

Best Spaghetti Sauce and Roasted Cabbage

I promised I'd report on the spaghetti sauce and roasted cabbage. So here I am, fulfilling that promise. Just in case you aren't up to speed I decided to try out this recipe for spaghetti sauce. It was easy, fragrant (smelled great as it was on the stove) and pretty flavorful. I will say this, make sure you do not add too much ricotta because that will make it too sweet. I've linked the recipe for the sauce about three or four times in the past two weeks so I'm not going to write out the recipe here. Also, I could not find a can that claimed to be plum or cherry tomatoes, but I will keep looking (I'm wondering if the new fancy Harmon's downtown has them).

As for the roasted cabbage it was AMAZING. I seem to forget how much I like cabbage. I found it via Budget Bytes. I have also linked the recipe several times lately but basically you cut the cabbage in half and then in wedges from there (keep the core intact so that it doesn't fall apart in the oven). Then generously brush some light caesar dressing all over the wedges. And make sure to use a NON-creamy dressing (like a vinaigrette). You'll bake/roast the cabbage at 425 degrees and half-way through flip the wedges. I made this twice last week and the first time it was a tad crispy (I waited 15 min to flip and then only cooked them 10 min after the flip). The second time I cooked them for 20 min total. I think 20-25 min is the best but you can judge for yourself (and it depends on how big you cut your wedges).

Anyway, the final verdict is that they were both pretty good. I added a little too much ricotta making it a little too sweet, but it was still delicious! And the cabbage will become a great staple for me in the future, so easy and absolutely delicious.

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