Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First home made salsa of the year

well, it's a  little blurry, but this is a pic of the first salsa of the year! It was amazing. I of course used my brand new food processor to make it and it cut the time it usually takes to make by hmmm..probably 75%!! here is a pic of my adorable blue food processor

yes, it's bright blue and I couldn't be happier about it. Now, of course I've only used the one time since I've had it (which has been about 2 weeks) but I've been so busy, but I have many plans for it in the future, such as salsa every other weekish. it's that good.
by the by, my salsa is super easy, here's the recipe:
1 white onion chopped (or half, I usually do the whole thing though, I've discovered a great love of onions in the past year or so)
1 bunch of cherry tomatoes, they usually come in a little plastic container or you can get them in those red mesh bag things (sometimes I do more than one thing of tomatoes)
a bunch of cilantro. For the cilantro my local smiths and sunflower market have huge bunches of it, so I don't usually use the whole thing, but you can be your own judge of how much cilantro is too much.
That's it! Well, I usually add a few dashes of salt, and if you want to add a kick chop up some jalapenos and add 'em.
Also, I suggest making it a few hours before needed. It's still delicious right from the chopping, but I like the way the flavors taste when they've had some time to marinade togeth in the fridge.


  1. Mmm that looks so good! We'll have to try that recipe, we got our processor with salsa in mind and have yet to make some.

  2. It's so yummy and way easy!

    Blog post p.s.
    I got this recipe from my sister in law. She's an amazing cook! And I probably would never have been smart enough to think of this myself (I love to cook and bake, but if I'm not given the idea or recipe I just can't think of it myself. I'm just not creative enough, sadly).

  3. I love your and Adair's Salsa - YUM!