Wednesday, April 27, 2011

bunny necklace

I haven't posted any jewelry or clothes or shoes that I have seen and want for a while (seems to have been substituted with make up) but, I found this necklace and my mouth dropped, my eyes widened and I furiously tapped on boyfs desk to get him look up and acknowledge.
it is a small picture, but it's great. and I want. Of course it's expensive and of course you either have to order directly from the makers (Finn Jewelry) or from Barney's. I'm kind of annoyed that I can't go anywhere in SL to oggle fun jewelry like this.

In other jewelry news I'm seeking, and hoping that somehow they'll magically appear without my having to actually spend money, very small diamondesque studs. They don't have to be real diamonds (and if I'm buying they mostly likely won't be unless they are dirt cheap), but I am desperately seeking good quality earrings, (and of course I just assume they will be diamonds. I guess they could be just plain studs but if I was spending the money on quality why not get the diamonds?) ones that I can pretty much just keep in constantly. I thought I had found myself a good pair but they only lasted about 3 days before I started noticing my lobes were sensitive to the touch but I tried to ignore it for the rest of the week and then when I finally took them out my ears took quite a while recovering. If anyone has suggestions please let me know (I of course didn't keep my original piercing studs, but then again I think those had sharp, knife like tips which is probably why I disposed of those asap).

In other news I think I've blogged, like, a months worth of posts today. Soak 'em up.


  1. See this is why...

  2. i had to do another one because of what you said. but still, i haven't blogged about it for a long time. whatever. i can't make you read it and like it.