Thursday, April 28, 2011

I made it, sort of

It's 11:30 and I quit. I'm watching Glee now. Well, not now but after I finish my post.

If you couldn't tell from my earlier post I was experiencing a sort of crisis. And it was real and it was mostly my fault but I'd say that 1/4 or possibly 1/3 of it was induced by the sheer incompetence of people.

To begin it is the end of the semester so I have been studying at school late into the night for the past week. And this is not because I am good student who studies all the time because, while I like to stay up late doing fun things, I'd rather do anything, even go to the field house to work out than study till the library closes (2 AM!!). This all happened because about two weeks ago I decided that since my professor makes podcasts of all his lectures and posts his notes online it was a good idea to skip class and sleep till noon. After about a week and a half of this I decided to resolve and become a good student and not skip class until school was out. The beginning of my next class after this decision I realized from the way the professor was talking, saying things like, "we're skipping ahead a bit because we've only got a few classes left before our final," and "don't worry about the last lecture shown on the syllabus we most likely won't get that far," that I realized there was only about a week left of school.

$#@%!!!! That is what happened in my head. The smart part of my brain decided to finally speak up and told me that I'd really screwed things up and I immediately turned this all back around on him (yes my brain is referred to as a "him" in this story) saying that it was in fact all his fault. He stopped arguing and we started thinking about all the catching up I had to do. $#@%! again.

Now, starting Monday I began going to school right after work and staying late, late, late. Then when I got to work on Tuesday there was that amazing cake that I previously posted about, I had two pieces of it then.

Today I got to work and there was still some cake left. I had a tiny sliver and then saved the rest for a girl who hadn't had any yet and I felt some sort of obligation to let her taste it (probably because I liked talking about the amazing cake with coworkers almost as much as I liked eating it. almost). I had my sliver before I actually started working (I usually arrive to work early because I take the bus straight from school). During my break she came in the back to have her piece she'd been saving. She decided that she couldn't eat the whole thing by herself and even with my half-hearted refusal I soon found myself eating the end with all the frosting. I did not object further once I had the first bite in my mouth.

After I had said cake I had to go back out and work again. Somehow the large quantities of cake in the last 48 hours and my lack/poor quality of sleep and stress of finals were starting to get to me. Then, I'm pretty sure every stupid patron within the vicinity of 5 miles decided to stop by the library. And not only did they stop by, they were insulting, and returned 500 materials a piece (all to be checked in by me). Then the phone rang...

I was starting to complain to my coworkers and they found my plight strangely hilarious. They laughed, and I sort of laughed back, but that sort of defeated type of laugh. Soon after this all transpired I found out my supervisor was experiencing a similar type of day minus the finals, staying up till 2 and exorbitant amounts of cake. She was however, very stressed and very disturbed by the utter incompetence of our current patrons.

I wish I could explain to you the true idiocy of the people visiting the library today. I tried to draw you a diagram but I just can't do it at this moment and am too strung out to really focus my efforts. But for my own sake just pretend you are following along...

The library in which I am employed is basically the shape of a square and it's quite small. There is a fairly large meeting room that is available to the public and many people throughout the community book their HOA and girls scout meetings and what not there. Let's say that the meeting room takes up half of the building. the rest of the building is split up into small portions, the immediate center of the building has our desk and sorting area, behind us is a wall and on the other side of that wall is the meeting room. On one side of the desk is non-fiction and the other is fiction. When you walk into the only entrance of the building you can either go right or left, and both will lead you to the meeting room, because there is NO WHERE ELSE TO GO! People usually come in and stop right in front of me and ask where the room is. If they moved two feet in either direction they'd see the doors. But no, they can't use their feeble brains and comprehend the tininess that is the library and that if they are supposed to meet in a room with a capacity of maybe 150-200 that it must be in an obvious location.

After directing a few people nicely to the room I soon became so annoyed with everyone asking me I began just pointing. My supervisor was also asked numerous times (she was sitting next to me) where the room was. She was the one who cracked and told me she couldn't believe how stupid people were.

I used to firmly believe that half the population was below average. Yes, the entire world's population. But, that was about a year and half ago that I came to this conclusion and it seems that along with the population this number continues to rise and is now a whopping 2/3 of the population. This is disheartening. Truly. But, if you need more evidence go to the trib or desnews online. The news stories are either about natural disasters or about people making stupid decisions. I think on ksl today the main story with the blown up image was about a woman who drove drunk into the side of a house with her kids in the car, or something like it. On the trib's site (when I saw it) one of the news stories was about some guy who had driven his car off the edge of the grand canyon. He had survived but only because he ran into a tree on his way down.

My supervisor told me she believes that only a select few should be allowed use of a car, and even a cell phone. I'm not sure that this would rid all the world of it's stupidity but it would at least help curb some idiotic tragedies.

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  1. That sounds painfully annoying. You guys should make a HUGE sign: "Can't find the room? Take a few moments to use your brain and look around. Your brain might appreciate having something to do. Have a nice day."