Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Boyf has been in need of new glasses for quite some time. He's been using a pair from probably the early 90s, so not only are they, like, 3 prescriptions behind they are also terrible 90s mens-glasses-fashion (the really sad thing is that I think boyf looks so good in glasses I even like those awful things).

So, he finally decided to bite the bullet and get some. Naturally he consulted me, and we ended up picking a lovely pair online. However, I told him not to tell me when they came but just to show up with them and surprise me. You must understand that I am one of those people who think that glasses can only make you hotter (at least for the men folk), and you must also understand that Boyf is one of those guys whose goodlookingness is just amplified by glasses. So, I was super excited when he finally showed up one night to my apartment wearing his new and very nice burberry glasses. Here is a fun candid of him pushing them up his nose.

Side note: I asked him if they fit (since he ordered them online he couldn't be 100% sure of the fit) because he kept pushing them up. He informed me that asians do not have nose bridges and that glasses basically rest on their incredibly high cheekbones. I will remember this for the future.

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