Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hyperbole and a Half

Okay everyone, I've found it, the BEST blog of all time. It IS! It IS! I was going to post a link to just one specific post but, I'm only going to do it to the main home page of the blog. On the right hand side of it there is a list of her "best of" posts and you should pretty much just go there and read all of them. Especially the "Spider" one, and especially the "God of Cake" one. I can very much relate to the "Spider" one, in fact I believe it reveals my exact life experience with spiders, EXACTLY, to a T. Yes, when I was a child I was "unafraid" of spiders and now, I envision them with the exact same swastika and knives and guns strapped to it's legs.

so go here: Hyperbole and a Half and enjoy, and laugh till you cry, just like I did.

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