Thursday, March 8, 2012

Experimental Pasta Sauce

I love me some pasta (like I've mentioned before, I love carbs), and decided to try and make the pasta a little more substantial and came out with this:
It has, a can of sliced olives, one zucchini, a can of garbanzo beans and a can of tomatoes with some garlic and oregano. I also added a little extra sauce. Anyway, I pretty much added it all together and let it simmer for about 7ish minutes. It turned out great! Although, I'm thinking next time I'll cut the beans to maybe 3/4 a can or even 1/2; they were a little overwhelming.

What are you fav. pasta sauces?
I'm going to try this one next (that I found on one of my new fav blogs), it's supposed to be amazing (and sounds like it!). 

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