Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dried Strawberries - Fail

I tried my hand at this recipe I found on Pinterest for dried strawberries. They didn't turn out so good; they weren't dried enough and they were still a bit soggy and squishy. I'm thinking they didn't cook long enough. It says to cook for 3 hours which I thought was plenty of time. When I took them out of the oven I noticed they weren't quite dried enough and I thought that just letting them sit out would do the trick and that didn't work. The hard thing is the recipe doesn't really give any tips or much direction, just pop em in the oven at __ degrees (I think it was 225) and cook for 3 hours. I do want this to work out for me though, so I'm gonna try again and after 3 hours keep watch and most likely cook longer.

I will say this, if strawberries were SUPER cheap I would "cook" them all the time because cooking strawberries yields the most heavenly scent.

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