Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekly Tidbits

I made myself German Pancakes last week after seeing them on Rockstar Diaries. The recipe definitely yields enough to make at least two but I just make one big fat one and it was delicious. I don't know why I've never made one before but seeing on her blog made me really want to try it out.

Boyf. Knows my love for Batman and showed me this batman themed hotel room in Taiwan. Batman is my fav superhero hands down. Now if I could only find a way/excuse/money to stay there. 

Last Thursday I discovered this blog, and can't wait to try out some of her recipes. I think I mentioned this blog in my last post; it's a vegan cooking blog and it just seemed so accessible to me. I feel like there are so many cooking blogs out there but this one I was able to connect with. I printed out five of her recipes and thought I'd be able to get to them by the end of the month, but that is THIS week. So, I'll say I will get to them by the end of April. Anyway, you should check it out, I think we could all stand to be a little healthier, including eating less meat. 

Tomorrow I am going to try the "Best Spaghetti Sauce" according to the Wednesday Chef via Cup of Jo. I am going to pair it with some roasted cabbage via Budget Bytes. I may be more excited about the cabbage, but I'll definitely let you know how they turn out.
I did it. I went ahead and ordered these for myself. And let me tell you, they may be the best shoe purchase in a long time. They are the most comfortable heel I have ever worn and I get compliments non stop (comfy enough to wear to work at the crew for 5 hours, which means constant walking and standing). Pick yourself up a pair here or come by the new crew at City Creek

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