Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crafty Lady

I just got back from California for a best friends wedding and I'll be posting on that later, but I had to share this quick little post with you now.

I bought the pattern for this:
I haven't cross-stitched for a while, like since I was 12 (and I never finished that one), but this looks fairly easy and I have a very well experienced sister if I need help. I'm pretty excited.

If you don't know anything about Dr. Who then you probably can't fully appreciate this, and if you don't know Dr. Who you MUST hurry over to netflix and watch as much of it as you can. Then you'll understand and you'll wonder if you should get some  Dr. Who things or cross-stitching patterns from Jennifer's shop on Etsy for yourself. Also, if you are interested in Dr. Who but not sure where to begin (cause there have been a lot of Dr. Who seasons) I would start with either David Tennant or the current Dr. Who Matt Smith.

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