Thursday, August 25, 2011


My blogging lifetime has spanned about 3-4 years? And part of me is feeling like it's time for an upgrade.

What had started out as a learning experience through work has now become something I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy doing. Blogger seems to me to be the amateur blogging site, and while my blog is nothing special, I'm not sponsored or even have a specific theme, I just like it and even though it doesn't really look like it, I am somewhat particular about how it looks. When I say that I know it doesn't look like I put much effort into it's design and aesthetic appeal, part of me just let's it be, thinking to myself that one day I'll have a great blog and everyone will want to read it and it'll be very pretty and clean and there won't be the awful orange buttons around that are associated with blogger.

The logical step for me is then to switch over to Wordpress. I was even at the site yesterday ready to create one, but then I thought, do I really want to do this? I really do, BUT I've been here so long, and what will happen to all of my posts? Maybe Wordpress isn't really the way to go, but in my vast research (which hasn't been vast at all, in fact I've only looked at Wordpress) it seems to be a much nicer site. From what I've seen it feels like the blogger has more control over their little space on the internet and ever blog I've seen through wordpress has had such a nicer, pretty layout and design.

I am not sure who even reads my little space here on the internet but if you have any words of encouragement or suggestion please leave them for me. I am about 80% committed to moving over to Wordpress, but I don't want to lose my past posts, does anyone have a solution for me?

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  1. So, I keep thinking I want to do that too, move to Wordpress. Or at least start a new one. Someday, when I start doing it again that is. I'm pretty sure that Wordpress lets you transfer all your blogger stuff over to Wordpress, so you might not lose anything. At least I thought I read that anyway.