Thursday, July 21, 2011

Honey Pack Facial aka the ONE ingredient facial

I've been really wishing I could afford to get extractions, but they are pretty much $100 bones. What are extractions you ask? They are this amazing facial process that clears your pores, removing black heads and decreasing the size of your pores. Pretty much they sound amazing.

I was complaining to my friend at work about my lack of extraction funds and she informed me she used to be an esthetician. Well, she said she went to school for it in Idaho but that the requirements in Utah are different and she was too lazy to go back to school. Anyway....she was telling me that she used to give facials a lot and that they pretty much only used honey. HONEY!

She told me of a client she had who, when he first came to her was pretty much a pizza face, but after a few months he had nice clear skin. I almost didn't want to believe her, because I have heard of a lot of home made facials, and it just seems like they couldn't really be that effective but how could I not at least give it a try if it works so well according to her (and she's a profesh. I'm not).

I have only tried it a few times and I think I will continue to try to do it twice a week. After just a few times though my face at least feels better if there aren't any (yet) visible changes.

Honey Pack:

You will need 100 % pure honey. If you aren't sure if your honey is pure or raw or whatever, check to see if it has an ingredient list. If it does (have anything other than honey listed) that is NOT what you want. It can't have anything else in it and especially NOT sugar.

You will also need clean fingers and a clean face.

Using about a nickel sized dab of honey (use more if you need more) lightly rub it onto your face, focusing on your trouble spots. After your have it on your face you will use ONLY your middle and ring fingers to pat your face. You'll pat your face for probably about 10 mintues. Keep patting your face until the honey is either not sticky anymore or it starts to sting. For me I waited until it was stinging. It wasn't stingy because of the honey sitting on my face it was because of the patting. After the honey has been on your face for a while it'll kind of "pull" against your face when you are patting. I don't really know how to explain it, but I think that might be how it clears your pores because it really feels like it's pulling your face. Once you're ready take the honey off just rinse your face under water.

I hope this makes sense to you all. I'll keep you posted on if/when I start seeing real results. Also, let me know if you have any questions about it, I asked my friend a ton of questions about it so hopefully I know all there is to know about the honey pack.


  1. But how could nickel-sized be enough for the whole face? Is my face just really big?

  2. When I've done it I've probably ended up with a quarter size amount but I really just focused it on my t-zone where I have my trouble spots. Have you tried it? I haven't for about a week or so.