Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Update No. 7

Boyf's birthday is right after mine, ten days to be exact. I really like having his birthday right after mine because then it feels like we are constantly celebrating each other really close together (anniversay in may, my bday in the beginning of June and then his right after).

This year I had some really killer gift ideas and then he discovered them and they didn't work out. But, I did still try my best as far as gifts and activities go (although his first bday we celebrated was probably the best cause we went to Park City and I totally splurged on him, which I wish I could always do). We started out going to breakfast at Blue Plate Diner and it was actually more of an early lunch-brunch type of breakfast. Then we went to Gateway and walked around checking out the chalk art and getting ice cream after which we saw Super 8 at the Imax (way better than 3D, which I almost hate) and it was so good. I didn't really know what to expect but it was great. And I can really tell that J.J. Abrams loves monster movies. For dinner I took Boyf to Kobe Sushi to try their "hell fire" challenge, where you actually have to sign a release form to participate in the challenge. Jason made it part way through, but got fairly full because we'd had a few rolls before.  Then, after walking off some of the fire in his throat we hung out with some friends.

As far as gifts go, I got Boyf some clothes (natch, since I work at the J.Crew) including an adorable bow tie, space munchkins (such a fun game), and a portal t-shirt (video game).

I'm so lucky to have Boyf. and I love spoiling him because he really deserves it, I've never met such a selfless, kind, hardworking man in my life. He can always cheer me up so easily and I love and cherish every moment spent with him.

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