Friday, February 4, 2011

Youth in Revolt

I'm currently reading Youth in Revolt, and it is a LONG book. It is 498 pages long, and while I would never complain about the length of a book if it was a fascinating read, it's just sort of wearing on me. I will finish it (I hope) but I am truly being exhausted of each of the characters and their behavior. Everyone in that book is extremely selfish and I'm sure has never bothered to think about anyone else, regarding family, friend, lovers or the rest of the world and could all do with a good down to earth smack across the face.

That being said, it is entertaining. In a sort of, teenage boy obsessed with girls and sex and is willing to (truly) do anything for them; one girl in particular named Sheeni, who is devastatingly beautiful and plows through them as though they were snow.

So, in the sense that it is a diary of young Nick Twisp, obsessed with girls and sex it is a thoroughly entertaining book. However, if you decide that 498 pages is too much time to devote to such a subject I suggest watching the movie (which I hear is hilarious and I myself have no yet watched but is currently in my queue at the library).

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