Tuesday, February 1, 2011

now for the pictures

So here they are, and yes they are silly and I don't expect anyone to appreciate them as much as we do, but oh well.
A long time ago we had taken a pic of him on his bed with the blanket covering his legs and it looked like he just had little stumps for legs. We thought it was hilarious (we would) and so here it is for you all to see.
as I mentioned before boyf has very odd facial hair. He can grow a little in the mustache area and then a few stray hairs on his chin. He hardly has to shave and sometimes will let it go a little too long (if you can see what I mean). Anyway, this was taken after probably 3 weeks without shaving? and mostly I don't mind, except the chin hairs look a tad silly. His hair is pretty thick and course so when he has his mustache hairs in I like to "pet" them (I am obsessed with animals (mostly dogs, cats, bunnies) whiskers and always like to pet and pinch those parts of their cheeks) and when I do this he will often say, "I'm not a cat!" and that's when he knows it's time to shave.

this is him biting me while I'm reading. Sometimes when we're both reading our magazines or books he takes little breaks and pats my arm or leg or bites me, just to let me know he's thinking about me.

Now you know how truly juvenile we can be at times. But sometimes you need a little silliness, right?

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