Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V-day and Tea Tree Oil

I'm doing something bad and combining a "beauty" post with a reg. post, but oh well. live with it.

So Valentines day was yesterday! woo! I had the greatest valentines surprise from my niece and nephews who brought me very cute princess and spiderman valentines and some delicious cupcakes (made by their mom, although I'm sure they helped, probably mostly in the test tasting area). One of my favorite memories from my sister-in-law was a valentines day about 4 (is that how long it's been since I've been out of high school? I don't even know) years ago when she and my oldest nephew (who was just a little guy then) brought me a giant heart shaped cookie into my government class. It was so cute, and I was so excited to see them. And the best part? the cookie was delish!
While that was a great valentines, the past two years have been extra great because I've had my honey around. This year we sort of celebrated a little differently. On saturday I attended my cousin's funeral (very sad day) and the weekend was just a hard one (don't you always feel so emotionally and physically exhausted when dealing with something like that?) and boyf could tell. We had sort of made makeshift plans for monday to go to dinner or something, but boyf took me out on saturday to one of our favorite sushi places and it totally lifted my spirits. Then afterward he gave me my gift which I was so excited about (although you may not be). I had always thought that "bobble" water bottles were so cute and very functional, so he got me two of them (if you don't know about them they are very cute, while they also have a filter in them which is great for me because now I can drink from the water fountain at work that all the kids suck on). Needless to say it was great, and very mood lifting. On monday I gave him his gift (tried to give it on sunday but it ended up not fitting correctly, and needed to be exchanged) of a few hot sauces from the hot sauce store in gateway, as well as a yummy Swedish meatball and zucchini dinner.
All I have to say is that this month is turning out to be a complete roller coaster and I'm very glad that I have boyf to help me through all of it. It's nice to have him there just to hold me and give me eskimo kisses.

Moving on (wow, that was a lot longer than I had originally planned). My first purchase towards great skin came with the purchase of 100% tea tree oil from whole foods. If you don't know this is what (at least what I've found from multiple sources) tea tree oil can help with:
-dry, itchy scalp
-zaps zits
-help with congestion (rub on chest at night)
-aromatherapy in baths
-bug bites
-athletes foot (did NOT purchase for this use)
-it also can be used for a plethora of house hold cleaners

I purchased it to help zap any zits that may pop up and for my scalp. During the winter my scalp becomes dry and itchy. Not so much flaky, but I can tell it's crying out for some help. I've only had it a few days and I've only used it on my scalp once so far but I can tell the difference. The few trouble spots slash minor zits I've used it on has really helped. I put it on at night and then in the morning redness has faded and its much smaller, easily covered up. I should have taken pictures to show you, but that's kind of gross. I will warn you that it has a strong odor. It's not anything bad, but very sort of pine tree-esque. Not quite, but that's pretty much all I can compare it too. Anyway, can't wait to try it on mosquito bites come summer/spring.
And of course, I'll keep you updated on the many uses I find for it and the results as well.

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  1. Yeah, I loved it when those kids showed up with my Valentines too. Definitely the high point of the day!