Thursday, February 10, 2011

needed: Recipe Book and Wallet

I'm looking for a recipe book and new wallet.

Recipe Book- I am torn between buying an already made recipe book or making my own. I was thinking it would be nice to make one with just a binder and page protectors to just slip in recipes. My main reason for choosing this path is because I will soon be receiving a subscription to Cooking Light (thanks to boyf!) and I'm wondering if I'd just want to take them right out of the magazine. BUT then I think that I wouldn't want to mutilate my magazine right away; that I'd probably wait a year or more before going through the magazines and taking out recipes that I've liked.
And so then my thought was I'd just get a regular recipe book. My problem with this is, I want a really good one. I want a cute, large one that will last for a while and that I'll really love. hmmm.....does anyone have any suggestions? I found a cute one at Anthropologie but I'm not sure that it's the one I really want, especially since I can only see it online. The reviews said that the paper dye made it smelly and that it wasn't actually very big.

Wallet- I need a very organized wallet. I've realized how poorly I've been managing my money and I believe that this might be a key to helping me. My friend at work has a great one with a little pad of paper in it (great for groceries or planning out the months/weeks finances) and then a few files which would be great for cards, cash and receipts. She told me that she got it at Hip and Humble but they didn't have any in stock. They put me on their "wish list" so that if they got it in they'd call me, but I'm very skeptical of that every happening.  Please also leave me your suggestions. I'm also (obv) looking for something very cute here as well.

While I was at hip and humble I found a great "Personal Library Kit" that Amber should have. I would have bought it for her but alas, I am but a poor student and could not. Also, I went into Koo De Ker next door; I haven't been there in about a year or more and the prices have significantly dropped (or so it seemed to me) and I bought an adorable, hopefully very transitional spring/summer dress for only $25! Yay!


  1. Thanks for coming into Koo De Ker & thanks for the blogpost. We hope you love your purchase :)

  2. For my wedding everyone contributed recipes on cards and my sister put them in a cheap photo album that fit the cards. If you buy nice recipe cards that are easy to print onto from a computer you could get a good photo album to slip them into.