Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Current Workout Regime

With my new found devotion to the fieldhouse I've had a few people ask me about what I do there in the way of working out. I will tell you! (although, I think that most people that read this have already asked me, but I have some pictures to show! yay for pictures!)

In a perfect world I can work out 3 times a week for an hour or an hour and half. Although, sometimes I have to skip a day or I have to cut it down to 40-45 minutes.

I'm going to tell you what I do when I have all the time needed, and then at the end I'll let you know my condensed regime.

To start out I like to spend 15 minutes on the stair master machine. I usually choose the "fat burner" workout at level 5 (I started at level 4). I actually really like the stair master because I really feel a serious burn, it's hard and I can tell that it's helping add some muscle to my thighs, which is where I currently lack muscle.

Then I move over to the weight room. I love my iphone because I can listen to my workout playlist and have all the photos that I take from magazines of routines and things to do with weights. I'll just post the photos and hope that they are pretty explanatory for you.
this one is sideways so I'll offer some explanation. I usually do this one with 8 lb. weights, and you start off with your legs a little more than shoulder-width apart, feet pointed at 45 degree angles. While keeping your back straight and palms facing each other lower your arms and bend down (still keeping back straight) till your hands are level with the middle of your shins, and then return to starting position. I do this 12 times, and while it doesn't seem hard at all when I do the first few reps after about 5 I start to really feel it in my lower back.
I guess I'll have to give a little explanation on each since they turned out so dark. This one starts out with the same stance as the previous one, with the 45 degree angled feet, etc and even with your arms at sides, palms inward. Begin squatting, keeping knees bent and behind toes. During squat do 2 hammer curls, palms in, elbows by sides. Return to start position. It says to repeat 5 times, I however have been trying to repeat 10 times.

Along with these weight lifting routines I also do some tricep kickback, and tricep raises behind the head/neck. I assume that most of you know about these.

After some weight stuff I move on to the bikes, and I have a great bike routine. If you decide to try the bikes I suggest riding the bikes that resemble actual bikes; the ones with nice cushy seats that are more like desk chairs are not going to give you the full workout that you need, however I suppose if you need to start really basic then that's an okay place to start.
I think my bike routine is easier to see; the far left column is minutes and the middle left shows what to do during that time. I really enjoy it, I totally feel crazy burn, especially when I do the "stand up and climb", the first few times I tried this I could only stand up and climb for 2 minutes, but I finally can do 3 full minutes.

This is usually where I end my workout, but if I have extra time I like to walk around the track upstairs and hopefully run around a few laps, but I'm usually too exhausted to run around more than 3 times. 

Now, If I can't complete my full workout I skip the stair master machine and go right on to weights. I've read that it's good to start out with weights because it keeps you burning fat for longer after you finish the weights, and then I move on to the bike. 

Now you know what I do at the fieldhouse, and so far I'm really liking it. And While I've only been going for about a month and half I can definitely feel and see the results, and they aren't amazing, yet, but what I have seen/felt is great for the amount of time I've been going. Plus, if I go 35 times I get a short sleeve t-shirt! yay for free t-shirts!


  1. You are so cute Lindsey. The kids sure had fun bringing you their rockin Valentines. Thanks for being such a great aunt and keep on working out. You are motivating me and making me excited to really work out once this baby gets here.

  2. Haha, the t-shirt! I think I only have like 5 or 6 stamps so far though. But, go you! You definitely motivate me while I'm there! Thinking I should branch out from my elliptical routine...

  3. I like the elliptical, don't get me wrong but sometimes i feel like it doesn't do that much! You should try the bike with me next time! it's a killer workout, especially the standing up pedaling!