Friday, February 18, 2011

Youth in Revolt Movie

What a lame, terrible movie. And I'm pretty sure it was just shy of an hour (or at least that's what it felt like).

Before I ever thought about reading the book(see book review below) I checked out the movie from the library, however, after a few minutes of it I stopped. I then decided to read the book.

Now, from my review it sounds like I didn't really like the book, or that it doesn't have any redeeming qualities at all. This is not true, it was entertaining in the sense that all the characters were extreme versions of their personality types (which often seems to be the case in movies/books) and of course ridiculous teenage schemes. After reading the book I was so interested in how they would portray it in movie form (especially since it's 498 pages long).

I was extremely disappointed. They left out all the most hilarious parts of the book (the parts that I could never imagine Michael Cera playing, like the part in the book when he spies on his friends getting "busy" during a hike and then falling down the hill right in front of the guy and girl after they've taken their shirts off). They didn't even try to approach these moments with a 10 foot pole. The character Vijay has such a larger part in the book, and his sister isn't even mentioned in the movie. Their trip down to Sheeni and Taggarty is totally different and they even have another friend accompany them and they take his dead grandmother's car, not Vijay's hospitalized grandmother's car.

Quite obviously I was very disappointed in this movie. Lately I haven't been impressed with Michael Cera because he's been playing the same role since Arrested Development (which I loved, and his character was great in that movie) and this film did not help his cause ANY!

I strongly suggest passing over it at the movie store (if you ever go to any), skipping it in netflix, and leaving it on the shelf at the library.

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  1. It wasn't the best, but I thought there were some funny parts in the movie... I liked his Francois character. The only movie he has been in recently that I have like a lot is Scott Pilgrim. Did you see Paper Heart? That was a disappointment. They didn't even do an ending cause they wrote themselves into a corner... they just acted out the last 5 minutes with paper cut-outs of the characters.