Friday, February 4, 2011

health and beauty

As you can plainly see I just added a new "page" to my blog entitled "Health and Beauty". Now, I wanted another venue to post about these topics but it looks like I can not post more than one thing on this new page at a time. Bummer, (come on blogger, this would be the perfect solution to people starting and abandoning so many blogs). So I don't know what to do. When I have something new (and related to these subjects) to post should I just post them in my regular blog or should I start a new blog? Mostly I am leaning to just keep everything in one place, my life is not exciting or interesting enough to have a blog devoted to health and beauty (or my poor attempts to achieve those) and then my silly pictures of boyf and the possibly cute pictures of nieces and nephews. But, I do want a way to sort of separate them, or at least have a place that I (and you, all you readers out there) can go to for just those things. hmmm....I'm so unsure right now.
Please offer your suggestions.

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