Friday, January 6, 2012

My non-Holiday, Holiday Post

This year Christmas time was weird. Because of school I wasn't able to really get into the spirit of things until pretty much the week before. I didn't even put up my little table top tree that I bought last year (actually I hadn't realized that I left it at my parents house until about 5 days before Christmas).

Which also means that I didn't take any pictures during the season and I am regretting it most right now, not being able to show you how much fun it actually was.

Well, it was a low key Christmas this year, Boyf and I exchanged gifts on a low budget and we had a nice breakfast together much like last year sans hashbrowns. You can go to my post last year to see some happy Christmas pics including the breakfast we had that included hashbrowns.

I was at such a loss for boyfs gifts this year. I still kind of feel bad about how they turned out, so let me just say that Valentines will be AWESOME, or I'll make it up to you somehow. Anyway, I bought him this print (it did come framed), a new coffee travel mug some instant coffee mixes and boxers. When you think about that seems pretty okay, but then when you compare it what he got for me it's not.

For my gift Boyf got me a DVD player (I have been sans DVD player for over a year), a new necklace, this one to be exact and I was ECSTATIC when I opened it. I had shown it to him on etsy and said you know, if you still need a gift for me.....And then he told me it had sold out. I was actually kind of sad when he told me so I was thrilled when I opened it Christmas morning and have worn it every day since. He also gave me  A Very She and Him Christmas cd which was happy for me and for the biggie, he fixed up his old ibook G4 for me. I was telling someone at work and she had no idea was that even was, and if you too are confused it's an old lappy from apple. Probably from 2006 maybe '07. Anyway, it's old, but I have no lappy and so it's great! I am actually using it right now for blogging.

So that was Christmas for me and Boyf. I hate to see the winter holidays go, I definitely look forward to them all year long.

Of course, Christmas with the fam was a blast as always! My brother and his wife always have a Christmas party and we watch Elf and eat a lot of food and it was so fun this year! Their kids are getting older and I feel like each time I see them they are totally different. It's weird, but I love it and them!

Now if we could only get some snow....

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