Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back to the daily grind

Well, the holidays are over and school starts up again on monday (blah! i really dread going back it was so nice to have the semester off for naps and movie watching and book reading). But, the holidays this year were spectacular and so much has been going on that I've hardly even had the chance to blog about it. But, you'll be glad to know that I took some pictures to share!

Do you remember the christmas post in which I had this great long list of christmas movies and activities? well, we probably got around to half of those things, maybe. We watched elf at my brother and sister-in-laws annual christmas party which is probably my favorite party of the year because everyone brings food and treats and its so great. especially the ice cream drink my brother makes, which is pretty much what it sounds like and it's the best.

I don't know if I told you but we re-watched all the harry potter movies so that we could go see the newest one, and we were able to finish in time to see it on christmas eve. it was good, a little sad and a lot of parallels to LOTR, but that's okay. can't wait to see the last one next summer! Then we continued our christmas eve tradition of Pizza from dominos (i know dominos isn't the greatest but it's a tradition) and we watched Love Actually (probably my favoritest christmas movie). Christmas morning came and Boyf. and I had a big breakfast a long with presents. 
it doesn't look like much but there was lots of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, OJ and Hot C!

Even with our pretty strict present budget I think that we both got some great gifts for each other. At least I know I was so surprised and excited! Boyf got me a Cocoa latte machine and a giant family size container of hot c (YAY! I was so excited! I opened the Hot C first and knew what was in the other wrapped box!) Then he also got me some really nice new head phones. They are the Dre Beats (if any of you care) and they are fab. In my stocking boyf filled it with lots of snacks, fruit snacks and granola bars (i like to take them to work). I couldn't have been more excited. We made some delish Hot C right then and there. And now I get to tell you what I got boyf! I filled his stocking with the Firefly series on blu ray (one of his fav shows) and the newest John Legend cd (which is really good). Then I was able to find an FC Twin which plays the old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. I also got him Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World to go along with it.

My little nephew Charlie got the greatest present ever! He loves it and I'm pretty sure we all enjoy it probably just as much as he does. My brother and Sister-in-law gave him a muscle padded Spider man costume. He's got a few lines from the movie memorized, as well as some super spidey moves. I was able to capture a few and am delighted to share

For New Years we had a great time out to dinner with some friends at Sea Salt. It's a great italian restaurant owned by the same people that opened the Paris Bistro. My shrimp pasta was so fabulous, boyf's anchovy and olive pizza wasn't great (a little too salty, but if you love salt then go for it). Then we attended a friends party complete with martinellis and midnight kiss!

This last week my brother and his family have come to visit. It's been so fun, especially to see their little one, Evelyn who is so adorable (seriously, her "pig" sound is the greatest thing).

Now it's back to school and working on my resolutions. I hadn't really thought about resolutions that much because I usually come up with these really lofty, grand resolutions that are probably unattainable. So this year I think that I'll just stick to a few that are things that are necessities, but for my resolution I'll just try and go the extra mile.
They include:
-saving up for school (my resolution here will be to save up for at least 4 classes)
-saving up for a laptop (this doesn't need any upgrade because $1100 is a lot of money)
-save up for dog (this will coincide with the next one because dogs are expensive and usually apartments that allow dogs are a little bit more)
-save up for own apartment
-save up for trip (I like to try and go on a trip every year, even if it's just a little one to cali. it's so nice to get away and plan for days of just fun with friends and the boyf.)
-get good grades (I'm getting much better at studying and school in general but I just need to keep it up)

So we'll see how it all goes down.


  1. I love this post! And great pics of mr. spidey man.

  2. Great goals! Saving is seriously one of the most rewarding goals. You can do it!

  3. Cool post. Thanks so much for the eggnog latte - Delicious! I'm impressed that you are on your own financially - very hard to do. Evelyn had fun hanging out with you.

  4. Your nephew and apartment are both so cute!