Thursday, January 27, 2011


if any of you have asked me about school before I'll be the first to shoot it down; I hate school! I hate paying for it, I hate lugging around books, I hate getting up early when I could be sleeping in or watching tv or reading something fun instead of getting up to go to school. I especially hate it since it's winter time (no one should be forced out of doors for anything, unless they choose to, during winter).

However, I think this semester will prove to be interesting. And probably when you ask if I'm taking any fun classes I'll say no, but in actuality they are pretty interesting (if I HAVE to be taking classes that is). My evolution class is fairly complex (it's only 1050, but he's not really watering anything down from his upper division class), but it's so interesting and while I've never been a self proclaimed creationist I really enjoy seeing the hard evidence for evolution. I also get to have his book (that is in the process of being published) for free. It's really interesting and easy to follow. Just in case any of you are interested in evolution.

My other anthro class is one of those "history from (whatever time) to (whatever time)" but it's turned out to be more of an intro to archaeology. When people find out that I'm studying Anthropology they often ask me if I want to be an archaeologist and it's truly never sounded that fun. Lots of technical stuff, tiny details, which I can not handle and do not interest me. But, this class is sort of opening my eye. We had an assignment that I was so, absolutely not looking forward to but upon completing it and re-reading it I realized that I killed the assignment! I'd be surprised if the professor didn't read mine aloud as an example to the class (not really, but that's how much I rocked it!). I don't think I'll ever be digging in the ground for bones someday, but I'm glad that this class no longer seems like a waste of time for me.

Maybe now I'll stop skipping class?

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  1. I knew I should be an economist when I calculated how much money I was losing every time I missed class - It was like $50/hour of class time. The funny thing is that lawyers also charge by the hour too.