Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Happy Belated Valentines!!!

Jason (boyf's real name) and I pushed back our Valentines to this past Saturday, the 18th because I had to work late Tuesday night.
But I did make some yummy salsa for Valentines night. We ran out of chips and Jason just dug in with a spoon. It is the easiest salsa recipe and so yummy.

We had set a pretty low gift limit for each other this year, but Jason still out-did (is that a word or even a real phrase?)  me for sure. I bought him a cute new tee from the Crew and some Starbucks instant coffee packs. He in turn, bought a skirt I wanted from the Crew but couldn't justify buying myself, and then on "our" Valentines he took me to a new Japanese restaurant, Suehiro which was delicious! I was too chicken to try the fried squid, but maybe next time? Then Jas (another nickname) surprised me with salted caramel chocolates, and then even more! On Monday I had taken a walk through Anthropologie and saw this adorable little guy
Of course, I just gushed about it to Jas. And seriously, this picture does not do it justice. It is by far the softest stuffed animal I have ever laid my hands on. So, he had me close my eyes and the surprised me with the bunny. I knew exactly what it was once I felt it even with my eyes closed.

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