Monday, May 2, 2011

Boyf is funny and I lose

Ah Boyf, you are silly.

Boyf was making fun of a really cute shirt I bought him that has a V-neck. I agree that v-necks can be a little douche-y but it was a really neat color and super value priced and only a slight v-neck. Like, if he had chest hair it wasn't a deep enough V for his chest hair to stick out. So he was showing me that if he tied a sweater around his shoulders it would maybe cover up the V and would really complete the outfit. But, instead he grabbed a regular button up and tied it around, which ended up looking like a cape. I laughed and laughed and tried to take a picture of it, but because my iphone is slow to open the camera app I only caught him right before he got it off. Sad, for you.

In the course of this conversation about the shirt it turned into an argument and he said I lost. I don't know what, but apparently he won. Throughout the course of the rest of the night we had ridiculous arguments. For example, Boyf threw a small card at me and I told him he could have poked my eye out and I reenacted the card-throw and we argued about how my throw was definitely not the way he threw it.

Boyf and I hardly ever argue, but when we do it's about awesome things like a v-neck shirt and how he could have seriously poked my eye out.

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