Thursday, August 27, 2009


I finished (a few weeks ago) rereading About a Boy, one of my favorite books of all time. I had chosen it as my book for book club, but it doesn't seem like book club is working out so well as of late, but i decided to read it again anyway, seeing as how i love it so much.

If you've seen the movie it's actually pretty close. In the book there is some more Ellie plot line, and a bit more of Marcus' Dad, but that's about it. I saw the movie first before i knew it was a book and decided that i must read it.

then i found out that the author, Nick Hornby, also wrote High Fidelity (now a movie featuring john cusack and jack black, his first big hit role) and i had to read that as well. He also wrote Fever Pitch which is now a movie, although i haven't seen it (i think it was because i did not like the actors in the movie, can't remember who's in it now but at the time it didn't seem good at all). Anyway, Nick Hornby may be one of my favorite authors, i've only read two of his books but i loved 'em both. and i loved rereading About a Boy. I've only reread a few books but it's always fun when i do, fun to pick up on things i hadn't noticed before, or maybe gain a new perspective on the story and even find a new theme.

just thought i'd let you know how much fun i had rereading one of my favorites.

p.s. i started Pride and Prejudice and Zombies about two weeks ago, and to be honest i'm not loving it. i read the first chapter in june when my sister checked it out and thought it was hilarious, so i put myself on the waiting list, but now i'm just not very impressed at all. it's so obviously contrived and i knew it would be that way, but it just isn't doing much for me. One of the things that bothers me the most about it is how Jane is still prettier than elizabeth but elizabeth is this infamous warrior and in many peoples eyes it makes her superior (at least in darcy's) but the whole point (at least i thought) was that jane was superior to elizabeth but in this story she's not. i don't know if that makes sense at all, and yeah it's a different story line but still. i don't know, just not loving it. I did however, read Seeing Red, the second in the Looking Glass Wars and if you are looking for a fabulous easy read you must pick up on this series. just absolutely fabulous.


  1. haha, Brianna read that P & P & Zombies book -- she didn't like it much either. i'm kinda bummed that book club fizzled out. we really should plan a fantastic meeting soon.

  2. Hey, Lynz--Just FYI, Fever Pitch is about Nick Hornby being a lifelong Arsenal fan (the English soccer team), and there was a British movie version a while ago. The American movie was about Jimmy Fallon being a lifelong Red Sox fan. Not equivalent, in my book. I'd probably read the book if you liked the others, though. But then you can never ever see the Fallon/Barrymore horribleness.

  3. Be sure to check out the movie An Education when it comes out in October. It's Nick Hornsby's first original movie script not based on a book. I saw it at Sundance. And it's quite good.

  4. I have the ARC for the new Frank Beddor that you can borrow and read if you'd like. I'm loving About a Boy, btw. I haven't picked it up since school started last week, but I have every intention to finish. Let me know if you'd like to borrow "Arch Enemy". It's the third in the series.